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Used steel shot abrasives have value! As a by-product from shot peening and blasting operations, used "Spent Shot” can be one of the most valuable items a manufacturer can recycle. Wisdom works with manufacturers to identify collection points and develop methods to capture these materials that maximize their value. 

Shot blasting and peening machines use a combination of air and screens to clean the shot during operation. As the shot is used, the size of the original shot is reduced due to wear, resulting in smaller less efficient sizes. This smaller size shot that is expelled from the process has value! 

 Did you know that due to the

hardness and density of Steel Shot,

it can be recycled as much as

3000 times before replacement!

Many manufacturers feed the smaller sized steel shot material back into their machines in an effort to save money. However, by doing so, the smaller shot is further abraded and results in a non-recyclable Shot Dust. These actions make the machines less efficient and create greater amounts of shot dust by-products that require landfilling and increased costs.


The Shot Dust created from these operations is very difficult to recycle, if only iron-based products are being blasted. If your operation uses steel shot to blast products that contain Ni Alloys, Wisdom will be able to recycle the Shot Dust and "Spent Shot," saving your company even more money and eliminating another costly waste stream. In addition, if your operation uses Stainless Steel Shot, we can provide a value for these materials as well. 


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