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Shot Peener – Spring 2017 Issue

Check out our article that was in the Shot Peener Spring 2017 Magazine!

We discuss Wisdom Environmental's services and how we are leaders in the Steel Shot recycling industry, as well as introducing our new division, Wisdom Filter Clean, that opened in January 2017. 

Call us for more information at (317) 472-6375.

Stop Throwing Your Filters Away!

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Wisdom Filter Clean can help save you up to 50% per filter cleaning, instead of purchasing new ones.

Our services include the cleaning of Industrial Dust Collector Filters and Diesel Air Intake Filters. If you are working in or creating dust in any way, then you must know it is expensive to replace your filters each time. Wisdom Filter Clean recycles your filters, saving you annual dollars per filter. Wisdom uses a DRY CLEAN technology, Sonic Dry Clean, to clean your filters. Wisdom uses only chemicals, detergents or hazardous products are ever used to clean these filters. Call us today, (317) 472-6375! 

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Wisdom Environmental Launches New Division!
Introducing Wisdom SteelCrete®

Check out our article that was in the Shot Peener Spring 2022 Magazine!

Wisdom SteelCrete® has developed a technology that allows dust products, such as dust from shot blasting and abrasive blasting operations, to be used as ingredients in our SteelCrete concrete product.

Wisdom SteelCrete plans to divert over 4000 tons of waste per year from landfills using their new technology.

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